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and More Fun With Samora.

Samora is a computer-generated application that is capable of creating websites, apps, convert website to app, learn courses e.t.c

Samora Features

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Free Website Builder

Samora can create a website and website manager for you with free domain and hosting.

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Free Android Builder

Samora can create an app and app manager for you and upload the app on Google Play Store.

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Offline Fun Zone

Samora doesn't have to be serious - it's good fun to chat with you and response like human being to your messages.

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Free Chatbot Builder

Samora can create chatbot and its manager with free domain & hosting.

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Website To App

Samora can convert any website link into Android app within 5 minutes.

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CBT Builder

Samora can create online test for you with easy navigation.

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Custom Forms Builder

Samora can create custom forms for you to collect people's data.

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Programming Courses

Samora can teach you programming languages with a great demo for you to understand.

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1000 Facts To Know

Heaps of interesting fun facts and figures to keep you entertained for hours.

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Inventory Control

Samora has a built-in inventory control system that can manage your items and sales.

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Offline Bible/Qur'an

Samora includes offline Bible and Qur'an for both English and Arabic with easy navigation.

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Samora Connect

Samora Connect is a platform that joins students or learners and teachers together.

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Shorten URL

Samora can reduce a long website link to short one. Just enter a long website link and it will help you shorten it.

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To Do List

Manage a list of tasks that need to be completed, typically organized in order of priority.

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Management Courses

Students will also be able to learn about essential topics and skills related to management.

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Marketing Courses

Students will also be able to learn about essential topics and skills related to marketing.

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Story Books

Samora has free story books and motivational quotes with good moral and lessons.

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Samora School

We offer free courses on how to create complete website using Samora Bot. Click here to get started.

Samora As A Tool

Samora is perfect as a front-door to your learning, solving problems, providing a simple and friendly way for interaction.

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Instant Message Response

This chatbot has ability to respond to every conversation and can chat with you like a human. It is 100% offline application which means it does not necessarily need mobile data before it works.

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Samora Bot is a powerful artificial intelligence that interacts with you like a human being. Samora is a computer-generated application that is capable of having a virtual conversation with a human in such a way that they don’t really feel like they are talking to a computer.

The Best Bot I have ever seen. It can do so many things like creating websites for free. And you can chat with the bot offline.

- Mr Sope Folorunso

I just downloaded Samora bot and my experience so far has been awesome. You don't need to start coding or programming. Samora does it all in a minute or two

- Toyin King's

This application is a platform on its own that provides excellent solutions and add more values to people's lives, very easy to operates...... Its real good keep the good work going.

- Adebayo Wasiu

The App is the best artificial intelligence app ever, easy to use and user friendly. It's also robust in the sense that it can do so so many functions. I appreciate the developer(s) and more power to their elbows, I wish I can rate it above 5★

- Vincento Frank

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